WHMIS/GHS Training Game Access Code


WHMIS/GHS Training Game Access Codes are required for each participant to play the Allman Safety WHMIS/GHS Training Game.

Once Access Codes are purchased, you can:

  • Manage the Access Codes in your Dashboard,
  • Email Access Codes to participants,
  • View participant progress, and
  • Download participants’ certificates of completion.


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Every workplace has chemicals and every worker has the right to know about the hazards of working with the chemicals they are exposed to. WHMIS/GHS is an essential element of a safe workplace. Unfortunately, it is also incredibly boring to learn, and retention of WHMIS/GHS training is consistently very poor.

Businesses such as Google, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Canon, FedEx, Wells Fargo and others including the military are now using games to train their personnel and the results are consistently favorable. Staff participating in training games are better trained, more satisfied with the training they have received and more focused on their jobs.

As an industry leader, Allman Safety recognized that this powerful training tool has a direct application to health and safety and is pleased to offer the first WHMIS/GHS Training Game.

Compared to browsing through pamphlets or passively listening to WHMIS/GHS PowerPoint presentations, the Allman Safety Training Game is interactive and engaging. Players are challenged to learn and demonstrate their understanding of the WHMIS/GHS materials presented in order to successfully master the game. The Allman Safety game keeps participants engaged in their learning and most importantly provides verifiable evidence they have understood the material.

The Allman Safety WHIMIS/GHS Training Game is a web-based virtual quest where players are provided the WHMIS/GHS rules and materials that they then must use to address workplace scenarios and move through the game. While playing the game, they receive immediate feedback on their ability to apply the knowledge they have gained.

Workers can play at their own pace; anywhere they have access to a computer and the internet. 

Employers can be confident that their staff who have successfully played the Allman Safety WHMIS/GHS Training Game have demonstrated knowledge of the basics of WHMIS/GHS. Successful players can then apply the knowledge they have gained in the game to teach themselves about the hazards at their workplace and the appropriate controls for the specific products that they use. Most importantly, they will know how to protect themselves from their workplace hazards.

The Allman Safety WHMIS/GHS Training Game is complete, efficient, and effective. It is also fun!

Additional information

WHIMIS/GHS Skills & Knowledge

The WHIMIS/GHS Training Game is not an attempt to recreate reality. Rather, the game is a means to engage the player in a competitive activity where gaining WHMIS/GHS skills and knowledge results in success.

By the end of the game, the player will have learned:
1. To read supplier labels
2. When workplace labels are required
3. How to create and read a workplace label
4. How to read a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and apply it to the workplace
5. How to identify from the SDS what personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for a particular hazard


The WHIMIS/GHS Training Game consists of 9 rooms containing different workplace hazards. Players can select the order of the rooms they attempt to enter, but to successfully complete the game, they must have completed each of the rooms.

On the door to each room are warning pictograms applicable to the hazards inside.
Note: There is an explanation sheet for the pictograms provided in the game and players can gain additional points in the game by answering a quiz on the pictograms.

In order to safely enter and move around each of the rooms, players must select the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for that room as determined by the hazards inside. Players can refer to the safety data sheet (SDS) to assist with their choices but they cannot successfully enter the room without the proper PPE.

Each room has different challenges and as players enter the room the challenges for that room are explained to the player.

When a player makes a mistake they lose points. When enough points are lost they lose the game and are not awarded a successful completion certificate. Unsuccessful players can re-do the game at a later time.

When a player successfully navigates all the rooms, the player is awarded a certificate of completion of general WHMIS/GHS training.